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This is Me


I’m an eternal optimist. For as long as I can remember my glass has been half full. What I believe in becomes a part of me. And- I believe in things to their core.

I’m constantly in a state of adventure. Forever seeking my next big idea. You see in my mind there’s no limit. But in real life the “limits” lie in the clock that constantly runs out of time. Time. There’s not enough of it. Many days I find myself dreaming of how much more I could get done if I didn’t have to sleep. That thought alone makes me yawn.

I fall in love quickly with beautiful things. Could be my strength and my weakness. I obsess over what I love deeply. Traveling to seek heart pounding moments, unsuspecting surprises, and, my children’s tiny faces. What moves me becomes me.

I can’t be defined as one thing. I’ve had many labels. Professional Bowler. Coach. Writer. Hall of Famer.Believer in big things.Wife of a chef.Mother of two. Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Lover of all things awesome. I live with the notion that what you believe – you become. And every time someone thinks they have me pegged I add another element of “didn’t see that coming.”

This space is all me. You’ll discover in my writing what moves me, scares me, what I’m proud of, and what’s happening in this mind. My hope is that you’ll find something within these sometimes random thoughts that moves you, makes you think a different way, or encourages you to look fear in the face and say, “you’re going down.” I also hope my writing makes you smile.

Thanks for being a part of this awesome journey.


Shedding my bowling light on others.

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actively balancing the role of mom and entrepreneur

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Focusing on the most important generation in bowling, the next one.

Public Speaking

Shouting from the rooftops what I believe in.


Nurturing my proudest moments


Sharing my love of life with my love

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Follow through, hit your mark, and focus! Interested in getting a bit better? Let’s meet up for a lesson!

Chats Through Instaviser

Can’t meet up for a lesson in person but still want to hear my thoughts on your game? We can meet up on Instaviser! I very forward thinking platform that will allow me to coach you wherever you may be.

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Public Speaking

Do you have a Hall of Fame banquet coming up? State tournament you’d like someone to speak at? I have a lot of experience speaking in front of many people at many events. Just don’t make me sing. No one would want that.

Fundraising Appearances

Looking to have a professional bowler at your fundraiser? I love charity events and would love to attend yours. Let’s collaborate to see how I can add to your already awesome event.


Bowling jersey’s just got so much more rad. Need team shirts for your state tournament or just a new tournament jersey? Bowlifi is changing the way bowling looks and giving teams a chance to sell their super cool fan wear. Coming Soon!

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Athlete Originals

Bowl Hard and Be Nice to People. Wear this quote and many more cool sayings, logos, and Diandra art at this site.

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Bowl Like You Mean It.

What I’m thinking

Words brings ideas to life. I’ve always had a passion to write. It allows me to understand, heal,and connect with people, ideas, and places.

  • 11021094_10152842613959125_4816451083883846447_n
    Dear 100 E. 14th St.,

    Dear 100 E. 14th St., I didn’t think we would be together this long. When we invested in our future together you weren’t......

  • IMG_2186
    Dear 7-year-old Madden,

    August 27, 2017 Dear 7-year-old Madden, You are the absolute sweetest 7 year old I know. Your empathy and compassion isn’t something that......

  • Dear 3-year-old Jersey,

    Dear 3 year old Jersey I had no idea so much love could come inside a tiny 3 year old. You constantly shower......

  • 6yearoldmadden
    Dear 6 Year old Madden,

    Dear six-year-old Madden, I can’t believe you’re six. It seems like just yesterday I was so nervous to have my very first baby......

  • JPEG image-66765CCB3E49-1
    What to do in Chicago

    WHAT SHOULD I DO IN CHICAGO? So many out of town visitors ask me what they should do in Chicago. It’s so hard......

  • IMG_9319
    Dear two-year-old Jersey,

    Dear two-year-old Jersey, When I was young I had dreams of you. My girl. A girl I could teach the values I’ve learned......


Breathe it all in. Love it all out. USBC Queens 2012

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